Saturday, December 22, 2007

hmmmm.. okay. i got 10points for my N level results. not that bad uh. at least i passed. i even pass my maths & all of my 6subjects! i'm promoted to sec5 but i decided to not to. you people might think that i'm mad cause some people wants to be promote to sec5 but they can't yet i decided to go to ITE. i know my limits thats why i choose to go to ITE. my maths fail like shit, even if i go to sec5, i know i would be failing my Os & i will be struggling with my studies. so whats the point going up to sec5? at least i won't be struggling in ITE. && ITE its not the end. -.- my 3girlfriends are all able go get into sec5 cause their studies are wayy better than mine. somehow..i got a feeling that i will get neglected cause we are not in the same school etc etc. well,life have to go on..

since i got 10points for my Ns. i can choose any courses in ITE. chose multimedia technology for first choice, digital audio & video production for second etc etc. choosing simei ITE as my new school. high chances that i will get into the same school as may. in this way, we can go school together. at least i still have a friend in the new school. and my baby can visit cause he lives at simei! wahahaha. 27dec it's the day that i know which course that im going to. hope that the course will have lots of holidays & NO PE! for god sake, no PE pleaseeeee~ i hate PE man! i think i would be failing my NAFA all the way till i finish the course if i really have PE period. (:

-gone watching my wife is a high school.
&& i love love love my baby!

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