Thursday, December 27, 2007

FINALLY~ after few days of waiting, i receive my results for my ITE intake. i get into electrical technology with jerrer. both of us decided to appeal for multimedia course as the cut off points of electrical technology is way too high for us. i got 10points yet i got into this course. & this course is my 3rd choice. -.- the cut off point for electrical technology is 19. my god. hopefully i can squeeze into multimedia course, at least it's a better course rather than electrical technology. i also don't want to do the same course with some bengs/lians. ;x

today. went out with my baby to marina square. wore high heels. it have been a long time since i wore heels. heels sure make people's feet hurts after a long time of walking or standing. watched national treasure. nice movie. clue there clue here clue everywhere. hahas. had dinner at long john sliver. then rush off to meet the girl so that i can collect the stuff i bought from her. the top i bought from her is like so big yet she said is FREE-SIZE. oh my mama. the top is not as new/good as she said & not as nice looking as it look too.
Here's the top i bought. it look really nice right. but it's far away from it. T_T

she sort of like a liar/scammer. -.- regretted buying that top lahhhhh, it costs me 14bucks you know. roars! i'm whining to my baby from the moment i saw the top till now. ;x raffles shopping center was our next stop, baby bought a crumpler bag from there. i chose the color! bleah. went home after that. tried on that top, it's makes me look like a pregnant lady. ._. so im thinking of asking someone to rip off the ribbon from the top & add a waist belt when wearing that top. it would be much much nicer. i hope so. tomorrow im going to cut my hair! say byebye to my thick thick hair~ ;D


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