Tuesday, October 16, 2007

picture found from internet. yiqin's book is not that old/yellowish.

i multi-tasking here, eating, blogging and talking to friends at the same time. quite pissed off with myself. roars. shall say it later.

went out to mr tan yiqin house for some fun. not really that fun after all. shenyang was there too. he is still as irritating/noisy as before. yiqin's mama was still nice to me like before. for his sister, she is much more friendly to me than last time which is good. haha. after shenyang went home. played computer, talked to yiqin etc etc.

had a sudden urge for movies. sort of sha jiao to yiqin into watching movie with me. wanted to watch resident's evil and we could watch with jay and his cousin too. but i was UNDER 16. yiqin kept calling me xiao hai zi non stop. found a book in yiqin's room named fatal seductions. read it and found it nice although it consists a bit of RA. the book is about one man, a womanizer, who doesn't know he has HIV and still continues in his seductions. yiqin had bought fatal seductions 2, i shall lend it from him after i read finish this. heh heh

since i can't watch resident's evil. i force yiqin to not watch with jay too. i'm bad i know. ended up we watched Mr woodcock. had a hard time asking that mafan guy to bath. i force/poke/kajao/tickle/nag/scream till 6.30pm. then he went off to bath. what a lazy pig he is. lucky we went out just before the big rain come pouring. that mafan guy keep saying he is hungry hungry hungry. he bought burger king for himself already and still steal my popcorns during the movie. saw jay tan and his cousin on the way to CS cinema.

the movie was so so only, don't really like it. walked around TM and CS after the movie. but nothing much left as it was already 9 plus pm. bid goodbye to yiqin and bused home. forgotten to return his jacket to him.
bought my fist meal of the day from 7/11. went home and heat it up. but my meal was gone due to my clumsiness. the noodles drop on the floor. i can't eat it and had to clean the mess. soooooo pissed off with myself. i was having a bad gastric man. roars! cooked maggi mee cause i'm way too hungry and i'm scared that i would vomit out the acid juice again.

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