Thursday, October 18, 2007

I have finish reading this book within 2 days! great satisfaction! the ending is kinda sad. but overall is a nice book to be read during the boring days. actually i was going to yiqin's house to borrow Fatal Seductions 2 today. but his girlfiend was going to his house, i din want to be a huge light bulb so i decide to go his house on monday.

after days of searching for jobs, finally i found a job but it only last for 5 days. oh well, better than nothing right. =D need to borrow jeans and black shoe as i only have a pair of skinny jeans. being a very good person, venessa lending me her jeans and belt just in case the jeans is too big for me. currently waiting for mama to be back home so that i can have my dinner. jap food! yummy!

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