Monday, October 22, 2007

currently at xaiver/abrie/vester's house. have been staying here for 2days. yesterday was mr xaiver ng birthday. did not went out with the family for celebration BECAUSE i have work to to. roars! the place is at clark quay, a very big tentage, look like some temp. pub. as it's main thing is to serve beer.

the work was super boring at first but after that it was much better. the guests are quite friendly. even one uncle gave me drink a sip of the dark beer. taste niceeeeee! get to know 3 ang mohs called adam,victor and rick. adam was very funny. around 8plus, we were told to rest. went to a place so called function room to rest our tired feet. then around 9pm, we went back to work again. the time just crawl very slowly like a turtle. even 5mins pass so slow. siowmin and i was like going do die already.

9.45pm, 5 of us went back to the room and slackkkk. we stole food from the buffet counter, not actually stole the food. i ask the people at the counter for the food. and they gave me. took lots of food. 5 of us eat like some hungry ghosts. after that, jay went to take. then siowmin take again. total we took 4 plates of food which is actually for the guests. other waitress/waiter are doing the same too, so monkey see monkey do. haha. the small size yet handsame guy gave me 2 cans of cokes when i only asked him for one. very good uh. at least 5 of us won't have to share 1 can of coke.

waited till 11pm and then went off. took MRT back to tampines. on the way back, siowmin and i was debating which guy in that group look more handsame. i said that small size yet handsame guy, she said that a bit pimple yet tall & a bit of handsame guy. till now, i still thinks that the guy i chose is more handsame. haha

reached tampines. walked back to xaiver's house with yiqin cause there were no more buses. being a good guy, yiqin send me back. or he knows that i'm a sotong, so he have no choice but to send me home. luckily, xiao yi open the door for or else i would have to sleep outside. bathed and went to bed after that. super tired. having work again on friday and saturday. hope it won't be so bored and tiring. fini is screaming me to bath already. byeeeeeeee!

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