Monday, September 10, 2007

i feel so dumb or stupid. thought that he finish his paper at 1pm. looking forward of meeting him cause i miss him a lot luhs. even thought of hugging him the first thing i see him. send him sms which i waited and waited for his reply. after a long time, i thought something happened. called him and found out that he's at home sleeping. he finished his papaer at 10am which he could sms or call me that he finish the paper at 10 but he did not. if he thought that i were still sleeping at 10am, he could at least sms me that he finish at 10am as when i wake up i would know that he finishes at 10 but he did not. and he said that he don't feel like meeting already, cause he is feeling unwell. my heart sank, tears came out of my eyes like some running tap water. oh well, he is feeling unwell so nevermind. he is back to lala land again. leaving me alone here. he hanged up the phone without saying the usual words. again, he is feeling sick, maybe his mind abit blur so he did not say it. after all, he is feeling sick so nevermind. i'm feeling giddy again, panadols here i come again.

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