Friday, September 07, 2007


today today today. i left for baby house around 2.20pm. reached her huose around 3? i guess. hmmm, actually wanted to go to bugis or plaza sing, but too bad. i no money. thus, we went to bedok!!

lol. xD went there to eat carrotcake. ordered 3$ w/o chilli. but the uncle gave us the kuku chilli. so i took back and asked for one without chilli. MEANWHILE, we turned our head, looking @ the curry veggie. after looking, we turned our head. and saw 2 faggots, trying to poke a straw into a cup. we thought that they would leave after poking in, instead, they sat down. and started to eat their beancurd. -.-

then the son, called dunno who, THE MOthER SAID " tell them we eating beancurd, ask them come find us lah! ". NAHBEY. machiam the table hers sia. kukuone. -.-then she kept eating her son's beancurd. XD then she used a spoon to eat the pearls cause the straw too small. tmd fking blind sia, the big big over there so big cannot see. zzz. no manners. ask also never ask. kuku one.

after finishing our carrot cake, we went to shop shop. window shopping. after a while, we went to sheng song. shopped inside quite long. baby bought menthos, and some seaweed thingy for her mummy. then we took the escalator down. then the snacks are between 2 escalators. then baby saw the maggie one dollar only. and she said " aiyoh! one dollar only ah?! take lah! " lol. =X

after that, we bus-ed to her home lo! then jiu went home loh. haha. jiu shi like that. xD.

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