Wednesday, September 05, 2007

FINALLY! N level for SS, english and chinese is OVER. i can relax for a few days then start my mugging again. next N level paper would be geog. english paper 1 was kinda hard. did argumentative question. qsn is " teenagers find it hard to handle money sensibly. do you agree?" i am one living example that i can't handle money sensibly. there are way too much temptations around me already. i'm someone who can't resist temptations. for functional writing, i did not write much about it cause i don't really know what to write. i don't know how did donovan write so much till he overshot 250 words. paper 2 is easier for me rather than paper 1. although i lost 3 marks due to my blurness. roars! i hope i wish i want i pray that my paper 1 won't pull down so much of my overall marks and oral got higher marks than prelim and paper 2 could pull up my marks.

papa fetch me to school today even though he don't need to and bought me curry pok for me. my papa is the greatest papa ever! okay maybe it's because he can't tahan my sha jiao i did to him yesterday. but still papa is the best. walked to school with meifang. drop half of my curry pok the moment i step into school due to me being too clumsy. had my english paper 1 and 2. ended at 12.10pm. went off to meet baby at 21 bus stop. bus-ed home.

baby bought chicken riceeee again. yummy! baby cooked mushroom and egg to add some extra food to the chicken rice. shared the rice with baby as baby add another 30cents of rice to it. it's a lot but both of us managed to eat finish as my baby have a big big stomach which can contain large amount of food inside. baby stayed in my house till 6.30 and he went to find his friends at eastpoint. may gave me a shirt she bought from thailand. the shirt is nice. the size fits me but it's abit tight, maybe my in front ahem abit too big. =x by the way, THANKS MAY GRANDMA FOR THE NICE NICE SHIRT! and don't think too much about the thingy already, not good for health. at least, you all were once friends. =D

after tomorrow, baby owe me a present already. haha

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