Friday, August 31, 2007


today, went out with baby. we went to bugis!! actually wanted to go shopping, but baby changed her mind, decided to watch a movie. on the way there, baby and i played the ds game 'cooking mama'. haha. we watched rat-a-to-ee. nice movie. but too draggy already. till i fell asleep, and woke up and watch the climax. lol. my baby bought a new t-shirt. haha. and we saw the little miss little miss shirt. quite cute. (:

we had yoshi for lunch, and went home to cook for dinner. (: lurk @ her house till 8+ and went home, saw her daddy mummy and sister downstairs. went to buy my ds protection shit.

sigh, tomorrow going malaysia. ): cannot chat with my baby on the phone for one day. T-T anyway she tomorrow not going out, so i think she will spend most of her time sleeping, so one day very fast one. haha. anyway go in one day only mah! >< sure very fast one. heh heh.

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