Wednesday, August 29, 2007

had my last paper of prelim todaaaaaay. geog paper first. geog was still alright expect for the map reading. i really sucks at map reading. lost 9marks for that. roars! hope that i could pass my geog. F&N paper was next, the paper is easy but i did not study for it so it's hard for me. slept for 40mins after doing the paper. miss tasneem woke me for 3 times during the sleeping period of mine. ended everything at 12.10pm.

met baby at the coffee shop. he brought my favourite CHICKEEEEEN RICE with potato. my baby is soooooo sweet, sweet till ants crawl up to him. talk, joked with baby, meifang and theresa till 1.20pm. then baby went find ah tard. cause ah tard have to go to singapore poly to get the phone he won. theresa, meifang and me went back to school to wait for siowmin to finish her art exam. looked for mrs chua for our english results. mrs chua said i pass for english paper 2. im soooooo happy! meifang pass hers too. mrs chua did not say about theresa's.

actually we were going to TM for some shopping after siowmin finished her art exam. but ended up we decided to go home cause we were feeling tired and most of all, sleepy. took bus 21 with raihan. played with raihan's psp and i left him alone staring into space. i was too engrossed with his psp. played all the way till he reached his bus stop. lucky raihan's bus stop is just 1 stop before mine. haha.

reached home. done with my stuff and went for my beauty sleep. thats my day today. right now im talking to my smelly baby. loveeeeeeee him calling me baby.

by the way, lokhang! cheese fondue too expensive, can change to others? and u did not give me anything for the donuts!

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