Sunday, August 19, 2007

I SO GOING TO WHACK DARYL THE NEXT TIME I SEE HIM. can someone pass this message to him.

today. went out to study with baby and his friends. i was way too early when i reached the mrt. so i spend my time walking around guardian. saw baby the moment i came out of guardian. walked to TM to meet daryl and weijian. then waited for zihao and elias to come. everyone went to long john sliver because of my hungry stomach. elias very auto as no one ask him to take that box of donuts, he himself take it. haha. i think he got very tempted by the donuts.

waited for rijia at the open area inside TM. and deciding where to go to study too. we ended at eastpoint's burger king. saw ryoma working there. when he saw me, he waved at me and gave that big big smile of his, was sooo cute lahs. see i'm so unforgettable as after so long ryoma still remembers me. lol. i gave him one donut of mine. studied at burger king for around one and half hour. did my geog homework.

there all of them went to lan shop and started to play their counter strike game. i played my handphone's game. rotted. cried again. after for don't know how long, baby found out that i'm crying. he stopped playing and tried to console me but no avail. all i did was shaking my head and crying non stop. after for don't know how long again, i sort of alright again. was back disturbing zihao and elias, laughing etc.

they finished playing at 7.10pm. daryl went home to have his home-cooked dinner. while baby,zihao,elias and me went up to the food court to have our dinner. 3 of us expect zihao ate chicken rice. elias and i thought that chicken rice auntie was mute until she open her mouth and said something to an uncle. elias open that box of donuts and this is when i found out i left with only one donut. baby said that there a high chance that daryl have eaten 3 or 4 donuts.

i wanted to leave those for my girlfriends but daryl ate it all up. roars! that greedy daryl, im soooo going to whack him when i see him again. after eating, zihao and elias went home while baby sent me home. sweeeeeeeeeet

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snap shot of elias chiang!

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a shot of zihao and daryl mugging. the guy in dark color is daryl. if someone sees him, please help me whack him. Thank you (;

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