Wednesday, July 04, 2007

woke up early in the morning. sms my baby. hmmm. asked her wat if i am able to go out on sunday, would she still be going out with davin. she said most probably. hmmm. she also said that she won't be visiting me these few days, which means the rest of the week. she said she needs time to cooldown. all because of what i said. i was an idiot. i said she bu gou ai wo, bu gou teng wo. but actually she does love me alot. and dote on me a lot a lot too.. but i was just an idiot, i couldn't see it.. she said give her time.. till monday. she promised me that things would be better. hope things would really get better..

seriously, i hate myself. i made her sad, made her cross. everytime.. i really hope that i could change for the better. hope that after monday things would get better.. let this be a time for me to learn, for me to realise how important is she to me. with such, maybe i could treasure her even more, love her even more.. right now, i still could not get her outta my mind. i miss her. i keep telling myself. monday will soon approach. but i still can't help thinking of her.

but i already know, how important is she to me already. i hope that this friday she would be able to come over bah. cause it's our 7th month anniversary.. i really do miss her a lot a lot.. sigh.. right now, i only can blame myself for being such an idiot..

till monday.. after monday. i won't have much time to pei my baby already. my new in-focus time slot is untill 4.20pm. additional 30mins. wtf. fucking school. never spare a thought for their students. gee.. hmmm.. after monday, i am gonna hug my baby so tight... so tight so tight.. never to let her go. never.. i dowan to lose her.. she's my one and only..

i promised to learn. learn to be less possessive. geee. i have been over possessive for the pass few months... but we cleared things out already.. i really hope that she understands why i was so possessive. but i'll learn. learn to be less possessive. all i need is sometime.. like what my baby needs right now. time. she needs to cool herself down.

i won't bother her till monday already. sigh. how am i gonna survive.. without my baby's laughther, without my baby's "sha jiao", without my baby's any and everything.. gee.. how.. sigh.. baby.. i love you. i miss you.. i am always waiting.. i love you...

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