Monday, July 30, 2007

POST about joey ong weijian ;D

my baby is 3/4 head taller than me and of cause his size is bigger than me too. he have perfect eyesight unlike me ;( he looks cute when he sha jiao. he loves to wear very loose clothing cause he wants to feel comfortable instead of shuai. he loves fried food and sour stuff like some 怀孕的孕妇. he hates to eat vegetables but i always force him to eat. >.< he drools when he sleep and he takes lots of space when he sleeps. he can be very horny at times maybe is because of his friends like lok etc etc =X he 'loves' to go shopping round & round with me. his top body's ahem ahem are nice to pinch =X sometimes there are some problem with his hearing so i can't blame him. he loves to ka jiao me. me wearing nice clothes make him happy so i can buy more clothes for myself. there are lots more but im lazy already. bye!

You Are a Good Friend Because You're Loyal

You stick with your friends no matter what, even if you feel like they're doing the wrong thing.
You believe in letting people figure out their own path in life. It's not your place to interfere.

And part of your loyalty means that you'll do a lot for your friends. You definitely go the extra mile.
You'll even do great things for friends without them asking. After all, that's what friendship is all about.

You are truly a friend for life. And you have friends you've known since you were a kid.
Your friends can count on you to do a favor, remember a birthday, or just be there to listen.

Your friends need you most when: They can't turn to anyone else

You really can't be friends with: Fickle people who change friends quickly

Your friendship quote: "Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows."

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