Friday, July 20, 2007

neither am i trying to defend myself. so is my fault lo. i apologise. but in the 1st place, ever since he appeared, i dun feel like i am your boyfriend @ times. i know whatever i say now will hurt but i have to say. if not you'll never learn. not only i can't feel the love, outsiders can't see it too. but i know that you still love me. i know, did i complain even thou i can't see it? no.

i asked, because you told you me you are trying your best to maintain relationship. i can't see? i trust you, you can't feel? so get angry? now you can do it, why can't i. and donovan is not mine either, you added YOUR infront too. okay.. if you didn't add YOUR, you think i would?

ever since he appeared, ever since i know that thing, i know that things will come to this stage. i know you don't like me to be so possessive. i tried my best. but have you done your part? you know i don't like him doing all these, you know i am possessive. then what? you still carry on to do things your way. i already turned my eye blind already.

i know you don't want to see us "fight", i tried my very best okay.. @ least i still asked him where's eugene when i saw him. i've done my best not as to go "guai lan" him already. if i want to, i can. anytime anywhere. you know me. i was once known as a guailan kia.

you think i'm not hurted? when i added that YOUR infront? you think i like to use vulgar words? what you've been doing make me feel like... i'm some random piece of junk. ?

i know whatever i say now is useless. think back think think think. think of what you've done. i have no clues. think for yourself. if you think that i am @ fault, i am willing to do anything. ask me go die, chop off my finger. it's fine with me. i know you're stubborn. i've been giving in giving in giving in. now a guy appeared, doing all these to my gf, you entertaining him. as if giving him more false hope. expect me to give in? put yourself in my shoes.

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