Tuesday, June 26, 2007


today is the second day of school. yesterday's school was 'great' this morning did not assemble at the parade square cause of the rain last night. first 4 periods was F&N. i was chionging my coursework as its due tomorrow. meifang did not do her coursework because her mouse spoilt. she read her in her shoes book which she bought to school, she read read read dao sleep. after that was recess, as usual recess was the best period in school. then it was SS, mdm natasha was on MC, relief teacher was a lady. her voice damn sharp and she sound like our form teacher like that. eeeeeyer

chemisty teacher was on MC too cause she went to deliver her baby. i read meifang's book and read dao sleep also. was woken up by some quarreling behind. maths after that, mr vinay still sucks. english period was quite fun, mrs chua was teaching us how to pronounce the words. almost almost chinese periods was the last 2 periods and its the period where time pass the slowest.

went to OCBC after school without theresa neo jialing. meifang went there to collect her pay. siowmin and i went to joillbean and buy pancakes. the chocolate pancake wasn't that nice. mr bean's pancake is still nicer. after taking meifang's pay walk to inter to take bus to 201. saw engteck walking towards inter too. saw davin, zihao and chun kiat at inter. said hello, had some talks about my baby's chicken pox and went off.

bus 19 came and i told the ladies that bus 19 does not reach 201 but they said have. so we went to board the bus and we ended up at Tampines JC. and because of HO MEIFANG & LEE SIOWMIN, all of us had to walk to 201 under the scorching sun. was sweating a lot. then went to look for my slippes, salesgirl says does not have that slippes now so when the stock comes she will call me. meifang bought her 4g MC card. ate some then went to gurdians and a shop selling beauty things. meifang bought silky girl lip gloss and she was giving 'next time got pay cant go out shop' de face.

although she bought 2 things but it costed around $120+ siowmin and i had lots of things in mind to be bought. hahahahas. then took bus 8 home, was chasing the dumb dumb bus. roars. baby called me and pei-ed me talk till i reach home. when i reach home, do things that i should do. bla bla bla.

i miss my baby. all because of his chicken pox, i can't hug/kiss/touch him for 2 weeks. T.T but nevermind after he recovers, we gonna celebrate! ;D

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