Tuesday, June 26, 2007

NO SCHOOL FOR ANOTHER TWO WEEKS!!! why ? which illness allows you yto get mc for two weeks ? THAT'S SO RIGHT. CHICKENPOX. I AM DOWN WITH CHICKEN POX!.

which means, i can't go out for two weeks. great. and can't eat many many stuffs. grrr. baby was nice. she wrote a list of things that i cannot eat. =DD how sweet of her huh? =D


monday. my baby came and visit me. the 1st reaction was " AIYOHHHHHHHH ". haha. but that was not worst yet. after she left, more pox pox pop up @ several places. even my face. they say cannot look into the mirror. cause will popup more. then that time my sister ask me go face the mirror and apply the lotion myself. NOW LEH?! all her fault lah. T-T hen duo poxpox. T_T

when she came, she applied the lotion for me. she do like as if she is spreading kaya over a slice of bread. >< haha. then i took several pictures of her...

sigh. why NOW GIMME CHICKENPOX LAH! baby's parents ask her to visit me less. say when i much better liao then visit me. cause they dowan her to kena also. she girl girl le. better also lah... i also dowan her to kena... BUT!! i miss her. a lot a lot a lot a lot..


NOW!! TUESDAY!! woke up quite early. =DD just took my medicine. hmmm. my baby is having her school now.. hmmm... she won't be visiting me for a few days le... sigh...

BABY! i miss you.. hen duo hen duo... ):

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