Monday, February 05, 2007


sorry that i din blog for the past few days cause was too busy and lazy =x
lets say about today mon 5 feb 2006

took cab to school today as papa and sis was sick, papa cnt drive me to sch. so i went to school alone. reach school quite early as my 3 girls was not there yet. had our newspaper reading then our SS test. mr dennis lee gave us extra 15mins for the test. i copied some ans from the notes =x
meifang was singing all the way till the test end, theresa was laughing lahs. it was PE after SS, played the duno what thingy din really sweat alot for PE today.

recess ate quite alot, gonna be fat fat fat soon. tmr not eating lunch i think. 2 free periods again as the relief teacher din even care or teach. phy was boring so is maths, slept awhile during maths period. only got 1 STAR period today as we have DT. so we were release at 2pm. pon english DT, shall give teacher MC. meet my boy in bus 38. after that, he changed his clothes then we went to bugis.

ate yoshinoya for my lunch. after eating, went shopping for my boy's CNY clothes. walk around bugis junction and bugis street. and was like duno for how long later. my baby finally bought his 2 T-shirt and 1 3/4 shorts. my baby very very mafan lahhhhs, more mafan than me when it comes to buying clothes. ate claypot rice for dinner, but ate only 1/4 of it. some of the rice even flew to my sch uniform, and i din even know how -.- around 7pm, my baby send me home then after that he went home.

TOMORROW is my big big day~
that day doesn't come that easily.


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