Monday, January 29, 2007

finally. blog's almost dead. lol

hmmm.. today is sunday. i'm too lazy, so i am just gonna say what i remember.

friday. hmmm.. where did i go? hmmm forgotten so forget it.

last week. i only remember an uncle, said the both of us are very loving while he's in a van. cause we were playing. lol.

yesterday we were suppose to be in the library doing our homework and stuffs. hmmm.. however, thanks to sm, we didn't go. cause she said that she very tired. then we went to eastpoint and had our lunch. then dunno what dunno what. we landed in BK. THEN, something big happened. i lost her paperbag, containing her wallet and shorts. inside her wallet contained her ic and ezlink card. hohoho, we paniced.

hmmm.. even hafiz and his gf helped us to look for it, however, to no avail. for a very long time. untill donovan and china boy went to bk and asked. it's in BK. but we remember taking it out from bk what.. damn strange.


my boy, chinaboy, donovan and weihow say hafiz's gf and me look like sisters when we walked together. hahahas maybe i should ask her to be my jie hahas. lazy to post already. ongweijian knows how sotong i am =D shall post again when i'm free. tmr going to hans river to makan.

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