Sunday, January 07, 2007

yesterday was our one month anni. =DD

she woke up early in teh morning casue she got CIP. sad sad. heard from her that they dunno go where. must be damn tiring for her lah. she so lazy~ =X but she too "hardworking" le. so need to go. must be a hard time for her. T-T

i woke @ 10+? i think. then called her a while. i went to bath, change, walked to mrt station buy bus pass, took bus to library, met her @ s11.

i walked with teh four of them back to school. a lot of east view people. =X bleah. then i went behind the atm machine cause very hot. and there very windy. haha. then we walked back to century square. shag.

after that, we went to cs. cause she wanted to watch DN2. after buying the tickets we go to dunno where do dunno what. totally forgot. -.- then we go up cinema again, she bought her popcorn, i bought my hotdog. i finished the drink before the movie started. =X and hotdog. -.-but her popcorn was left.. half full after the movie ended. -.-

after the movie, i think we went straight to ikea. we took bus 168. yeah yeah. we walked around. she carried a booster around ikea. -.- even to the cafe. omg~ she bought two chicken wings and 2 paper bags. clever. -.-

we went down.. i threw that booster to dunno where. =x then then we que for the hotdog. but the hotdog sucks. eastpoint one better. =x haha. then we went to a pavillion near the library. she forced me to dis-man-tal the chicken wing for her. ahhh and my hand was oily. she didn't finish all. she fed a cat one drumstick. how "kind" of her. =DD then we went to teh library opposite.

after that we went tampines mall. toy'r'us, minitoons. she carried that hundred bucks dog around. walk walk walk, she passed teh dog to me. -.- then she said "you look like yun fu leh. " cause the dog's butt very big. =/

blah blah blah, did all the stupid stuffs. and we went down to minitoons. she bought a comb cum mirror. then blah blah blah.

then we made our way to tampines interchange. and fuck, the bus window crack. cause the driver was a female. NO OFFENCE TO ALL FEMALES. but female drivers tend to be more reckless. =x then we needa alight from the bus to another bus eight. this time round was a double decker.

on the bus she kept saying she wanna vomit vomit. but in the end don't have. she like very kang kor. >< sent her home. and said BYEBYE. then i went home le. =DD

P.S. i love my darling girl. =DD

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