Saturday, January 13, 2007

woke up @ 8+am. called ongliying. i went to 201 meet her cause she insisted on going to see the doctor with me. so, we walked to the doctor there. from 201 to interchange. doctor say throat infection.

after that, we went to eat MY breakfast. duck congee. -.- and had my medicine. we set off for tm. @ tm, meifang boo!-ed ongliying. ongliying didn't scream. miracle. =x then the 3 of them go double index, which got me waiting outside like a zibi cow.

then we went back to east view. she had to return the tin. but she forgotten to return the stickers. how clever. -.- then she came and boo!-ed me. >< so we set off to eastpoint~ we took bus 38. while waiting, her friends came by and saw us. one of her friends said hello to me, which i didn't really notice.

on our trip to eastpoint, the girl sitting behind me was talking non-stop. lol. and aihua told my brother's friend that ongliying kept diao-ing her. that made ongliying damn angry. go to eastpoint never talk, sms meifang, complaining. kongbu~

she ate her lunch @ kobayashi and i had mine @ hola. we saw my sister @ eastpoint 1st floor, doing the stickers thingy. she suggested that we should walk to 201, but i was not feeling very well, so we took the bus. take to 201 change to bus 8 send her home and i went home le.

ON MY WAY HOME, on bus number 8, i fell asleep and dropped my handphone. luckily i notice it before the bus closes its door. ran up, took my phone, fucked off. chnage to bus 38 again. then jiu go home, sleep. =D

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