Saturday, January 20, 2007

okay blogging in the middle of the night.

since i've got nothing to do, might as well help her blog bah. yesterday, friday, we went to lok's house, along with weijie. hmmm.. lok and i waited quite long for weijie cause he went home and bathe and change.

followed lok to x-craft cause he wanted to buy a stud. he IS damn mafan. asked us along, helped him to choose. he said too long and all the nonsense started to come out. so finally, he decided to buy a not-so-long stud, which costed him 12bucks.

then my girl came up le.(: hmmm.. we wanted to eat @ mac but no space cause got 6 people. thus, we went to s-11. theresa and siowmin didn't follow us. dunno why. hmmm.. i ate chicken chop, lokhang eat dunno what fried rice, my girl tired the dunno what soup and weijie bought fried fish rice. he added extra rice, 30cents. and the uncle gave him another bowl. not to my surprised, he finished all up. =x

went to lokhouse, had fun.

walked to a certain bus stop, took bus 21 and send her home. (:

anyway, just now, i said something which made her angry. and not long before, i also said another thing which made her pretty sad. really regret it.. but words can't be taken back. only can try my best to make up for whatever i've done. is there enough time for me to do so... i don't know... i only can try and try and try and try.


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