Thursday, January 18, 2007


now i'm in lab C doing my F&N coursework again
this time mdm chang is back frm MC

shall blog about what happened ytd after sch
we went to the coffee shop for our lunch at around 2+ going 3pm without theresa
as theresa got her SJ thingy to do

after having our lunch,i and siowmin pei meifang to wait for her bus 38 as she was going for her tution.
siowmin got shocked by something furry when we were walking to the bus stop to sit that tym.
shall not say what is the thing that shocked her.

so siowmin, i'm good. i din say what thingy shocked you xD
after meifang had boarded the bus, both of us went to north park and waited for my ongweijian to come.

both of us was like 2 siao cha bo laughing and laughing non stop
saw weiwen and his stead, his stead name is mei en
waited until 4.30pm when ongweijian came down from bus 18

siowmin went home after that, i sort of show my xiao hai zi pi qi to him again ><
din talk to him for awhile then i started to talk to him again
duno what is happening to me, maybe i was PMS-ING bah ahahahas =x

we walked to 201 cause i told him that i wanted to take bus from 201
then when we reach 201, ongweijian bought green tea for me cause i wanted it
i told him that i wanted to walk back to my ahma from 201

he gave me that very very sian look, he even stand there and not wanting to walk
but still, i manage to make him pei-ed me till my ahma

he making di siao-ing me non stop when we were on the way there luhs
we saw something which made us laugh till our stomach nearly burst LOL
both of us were sitting under the void deck at that tym, an auntie was coming down the stairs with her son.

ongweijian first saw her then me, she did not wear bra and her breast was like sag till her stomach there. we was like so shocked/feel that is funny.
i even said that she look like cow which make ongweijian laugh even more =x
but is real that her breast sag dao her stomach there, even her nipple sag too OMG~!

after seeing that er xin thingy, i took ongweijian around the blks then to my ahma hse =x
he is as curry bird as me lahhhhhhhhhs xD
after that jiu blah blah blah jiu reach my ah ma hse
ate my dinner then went home.

my left eye have been very pain since ytd
now its even swollen and grow the thingy thingy omg lah
pain like mad~

nothing lerhs bah
F&N is gonna end soon

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