Wednesday, December 20, 2006

time now is 1.55am.

joey,joey,donovan,theresa,siowmin,meifang. 6 peeps went to far east plaza.

they met each other @ around 1.20pm near tampines interchange. they took train to city hall and change to dunno what line then go to orchard. hmmm.. DONOVAN CANNOT CHIONG INSIDE THE TRAIN WHEN DOOR CLOSING. in de end, kena kiap. then he scolded the door cheebye. which got me laughing from city hall to orchard. ah...~~~ LOL.

upon reaching there, we took around 10mins to get our asses out of the mrt station and go to far east plaza. joey wasted 5 bucks buying a shit pen. screw that pen.! lol. =X they were caught in the rain when joey forced joey to carry a flowery umbrella at orchard road. fucking shit. joey kept laughing. the umbrella is like... "for aunties only". AND JOEY BROUGHT UMBRELLA YET HE FORGOT ABOUT IT.

first thing we did when we reached there was to eat. weeee.. we ate han's. ahh sort of quite nice. donovan was grumbling about the price. =X he eat damn fast lah wa lau.~

they said byebye then joey and donovan went slacking. joey bought a kitkat, one bottle of hundred plus, another chocolate and one cup of bubble tea. WTH. after that, he went toilet TWO times to poo poo. and he went toilet don't know how many times to shh shh. -.-

upon meeting, joey helped joey to carry her stuffs. they went to 5th floor, then go back to 1st floor, then decided to go to burger king to sit sit. after that, they went this fashion. joey stopped joey as she already spent too much money already.

they went back home. but theresa, joey, joey and donovan went eastpoint. =O they went arcade do so shit. then go food court eat, went back arcade. =x joey sent joey home and joey take taxi home as his sister was kaopei-ing. =DD

end of 19/12/06...

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