Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sick.. got throat infection since ytd
maybe is because i drank too much coke etc etc bahs
too long never drink coke lerhs

thats why got throat infection
my voice change dao so nan ting lahhhhh
throat damn pain,drank alot alot alot of water still no use

was kana forced to go see the doctor
ongweijian, donovan, siowmin, theresa all ask me go see
donovan even worse lah, he say if i nvr see doc then dun talk to him -.-

woke up at 11.54am as ongweijian msg ask me abt my throat
he insist on brging me to see my family doc which is at pasir ris
damn far for him lahs canns

he came and meet me need to take 2 buses
go see doc 1 bus, went to white sands 1 bus, brg me home 1 bus
then another bus to lok hang's hse
total he took 6buses which is alot alot alot alot lahs

told him not go come liao but he dun care -.-
he look so tired luhs made me so xin tong lo
all my fault lahs make him wake up so early to pei wo see doc

met him at around 1pm at my hse de bus stop there
saw 4 of his school de friends when i only saw 1 whom i know

it was a long trip to pasir ris and inside the clinic nobody de
think today im the only one who is sick bah lols
the doctor say my throat got infection, cnt eat heaty,fried and cold stuff
means that i can't eat hello panda *roars*

after looking at the doctor,went to white sands
ongweijian was sort of unwillingly to go there but still he went =D
ate canvna for lunch but first meal of the day

ongweijian keep giving me food non stop lahs
and i can't drink that coke so he helped me drank it all
after eating, went walking around white sands
not much changes at all, only alot of blue blue thingys lahs

took bus 21 home with ongweijian
he said sumth which make me mood swing and din talk to him for awhile
fall asleep 2 times during the trip back home
ongweijian's shoulder is nice to lie lahs and only me can lie on it xDD

reached home, hanged the bloody clothes up
my bloody sister can't even help me hang the clothes
all she does is eat play sleep watch tv play comp which only a pig will do
*roar roar roar*

went to to my lala land after hanging the bloody clothes
wake up jiu watch tv now jiu here play comp

msging ongweijian now
waiting for him to be back home frm vivo city
he must be having fun at vivo city without me abusing him =x
haben eat my medic and dinner yet lalalalas

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