Friday, December 08, 2006

today is thursday.

we went alllllllllll the way to boonlay to catch a movie. and guess what, liying watched less than 15mintues of the movie. powderwhu lah.

we took mrt there. the mrt is like fucking cramped. and @ city hall, an ahma came in. we dunno wtf happened, the ahma scolded an uncle. then the ahma very long breathe. talk from city hall to lakeside, then liying cannot sleep. =X

finally we reached jurong point. thanks to liying. -.-

we watched "cinderella". which is very bloody, very 'not nice', very boring. it's simply... fucked up. liying grabbed my hand untill very hard. she hid her head behind my shoulder. -.-

then we went to pizza hut. i dirtied their table. untill very cham. ><>_<

she didn't finish her food. so i decided to do some shit with them. i added the meatball, cheese, the chilli chilli thingy and her spagetti into the soup. lol. and not forgetting the pepper sauce.

then we went home~

on our way home, she suddenly changed her mind and ask me to fetch her to her ahma's house. she damn qi guai lah. lol. suddenly think think think then ask her dowan say.~~

i think that's all bah. (:

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