Saturday, November 04, 2006

woke up 15mins ago which is 3.13pm
slept at 3.28am cos was conferencing to donovan and theresa

ongweijian din conference with us
as he sleep quite early cos i sort of force him to go orh orh =x
he sound so sick norhs
worse still he din wan to eat panadol

in the end he still guai guai go eat
cos i made a deal with him wakakakas
after he have eaten his panadol wo jiu ask him go orh orh le
and he really did, how guai of him~ lols lols

theresa hang up first at 2.22am
then after that jiu from until 3.28am
donovan bery funny lahs

he sae my voice and theresa voice are the same
cos he was using cordless phone but after that he change the phone
he jiu sae our voice is totally different lerhs lols

keep asking theresa to kp at him
he sae what too long nvr heard theresa kp him lerhs
so want theresa to kp at him

but theresa was in a bery good mood
so she have no reason to kaopei at donovan hahas
both of them talked about their pri sch life which i dun understand
they talked wo jiu at there listen lo

donovan bery bad lahs
gib his pri sch frens so many nick names
theresa sae him bad too lols

after theresa hang up
donovan asked me a super duper weird + guai qsn
that qsn he asked me wun neber ever ever happen de lahs
so i dun even bother to think abt that qsn =)

donovan promise me that he will try to cut down on his san zi jing
and his smoking too
that's good and i rather he eat than he smoke =x

ongweijian haben promise me that he cut down on his smoking
i shall make him promise me tonight wakakakas xD
mayb perhaps they 2 promise liao then break promise
i oso blur blur duno

talked to donovan until 3.28am
then i went to sleep lerhs
then then then jiu like that lo

rotting in front of comp now
mayb lata will ask mama to brg me out gai gai
as mama today work half day nia

nth le bahs

3 more days to that big big day~~! XP

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