Thursday, November 02, 2006

ongweijian have been pestering me nearly 4hours
he is damn lihai canns

can pester me dao so kong bu~

woke up at 5pm in the evening today
actually woke up at around 2+
played 15mins of comp then i went to back slp again
because it was raining heavily at that tym

then it will be bery nice to sleep when it is raining
so i slept until 5+pm wakakakakas
ongweijian sae me pig ROAR!

after i woke up jiu rot rot rot until now
talking to ongweijian and donovan right now
donovan couzie is staying at his hse
his couzie name is gordon {weird name}

then then his couzie make alot of new bad words
the bad words make ongweijian and donovan laugh like mad

my ah kim got work for me
so i intro the work to theresaNU'XU too
so that theresa can pei wo when working xD
and and can get alot of money~


scarly my ah kim sae cannot
i gonna kill my ah kim if really cannot =x
no lahs, cannot bear to kill my beloved ah kim

donovan keep arguing with his couzie non stop
which was bery noisy noisy noisy
and donovan talk until damn loud lahs
as if we were deaf like that -.=

wrote long enough le bahs
TOODLES <3>bye~~~

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