Friday, November 10, 2006

went out with that ma fan de theresa neo jialing
miss chua told her that tmr she will be having her wedding
it was so last min norhs

then theresa jiu call me out to buy the clothes for the wedding
went to parkway to shop for it
theresa took a long long to get out of her hse and take bus

i run all the way to the bus stop
then i thought the bus that theresa in gone liao
but heng heng haben, if i noe that i wun run liao
then i wun be so out of breathe and so lack to water lerhs

when reach there we jiu go eat cos we 2 bery hungry lols
after that we jiu go shop for theresa's clothes
after shopping for around 30mins

theresa finally found a top that suits her
after buying that top we went walking around and around again
then went into a shop

theresa try on the bottom duno how many tyms
she even sae a skirt which reach the knee is short
she hor really no hope lerhs narhs =x

then after that jiu go buy the half jacket and the tube
hmmm then jiu go choose the heels
bought a heels which is not that high but to theresa is high luhs
that heels is white in color~

after buying jiu take bus go theresa's mama de fren de salon go cut hair
cut finish jiu go home lerhs
ongweijian pei wo talk until i reach home
how sweet of him ((:

qi ji that when i reach hm, mama din scold me lehs
she only stare at me luhs hahas

tmr, sat, sun and mon going out
shopping shopping shopping~~

nothing le bahs

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