Saturday, October 21, 2006

Now at yiqinK0R hse with benbenSUN'ZI

woke up at 1pm todae
bath then dress up jiu go yiqin hse

my hse there de coffee shop
i think i saw weijie with his friend
i din sae harlos to him as his friend look fierce =x
and at that tym he was playing with his hp too

took taxi to yiqin hse
as ima too lazy to take 2 buses to yiqin hse
when i reach yiqin's hse

benben was alredy here
i thought i was earlier than him
in the end ima later than him -.=

benben was using yiqin's laptop playing dota
yiqin was doing nothing but sitting in front of the comp
he sae he was doing his desktop or whatever

so he dun wan let me play his comp
he so bad canns

around 3+pm
yiqin went out to living room and watch teebee
then wo jiu use his comp
after awhile i din want to use that comp as it can't play sims2
so i changed with benben

i played sims2
play until half ,duno what's wrong with the comp
suddenly out of sims2
and the comp's screen look guai guai 1

i din save the game leh
play until so long, buy so many things
end up like that -.-

around 5+pm
i let benben play his dota again
see i so good xD

after that wo jiu lie on yiqin's bed and watch tv
nothing to watch
so i keep changing channel -.-

at 5.50pm
yiqin's mama ask benben to go down to the coffee shop and buy dinner
i went down with benben

i, benben and benben's mei, lee qi eat chicken cutlet rice
yiqin eat fish and chips

the fish and chips look weird
benben sae look like you tiao hahas

after eating jiu now at here blogging lo
around 8+pm then go home

off to play sims2 again


was back home at around 11++pm
manage to snatch the toilet from my papa xD


both of them cubbly cubbly dde
soooooooo cute
benben have flat nose =x

my papa sae 10pm come fetch me
end up 11+ come fetch me -.-
he was late

yiqin sae that my papa dun wan me lerhs
that's why so late haben come fetch me
he even sae tonight i might sleep in long gao -.-

after awhile
i was thinking that papa forget to come fetch me
and he went home himself

end up he din =)
papa said he come late because papa's fren
uncle seah's brother pass away

sad luhs
uncle seah's brother pass away because of liver cancer
he only 52 years old leh
so young jiu pass away and he din even drink alcohol

after that jiu reach home lerhs lo
calling joeyongweijian


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