Sunday, October 22, 2006

1. what are you doing 1hr ago?
shopping ^^

2. what song are you listening to now?
- no song

3. what was the last thing you did last night before sleeping?
- talk to donovan lim jun le on phone xD

4. what was the last thing you bought?
- a pink tube

5. what are you doing before doing thissurvey?
- bathing

6. who did you last go out with and where?
- theresa and siowmin, to TM and CS

6. who is your favourite singer?
- too much

7. who did you last saw in your house?
- happy, mama, sister and ah gong

8. who did you last talk with on MSN?
- lee siow min =)

9. who is the lucky person you are missing right now?
- him??

10. who is the last person that you kiss?
- my mother -.-

11. where are you going in 2hrs time?
- going to nowhere

12. where are you right now?

12. Name 6 person you saw yesterday?
- yiqin, benben, lee qi,yiqin's mum, yiqin's sis, papa and MORE

13. do you hate any teachers in your no.
- dun think so...

14. how are you feeling right now?
- feeling tired and backache x(

15. what do you want right now?

went to TM and CS with siowmin and theresa

all of us of late
but siowmin most late dde
saw angela,charmine, jason and 1 more who look like benny

angela was meeting her tution friends
the 2 guy wo jiu duno lerhs
charmine should be watiing for her friends

charmine become bery pretty
now look more lady like =)

i so damn freaking suay lahs
go out then tio ROAR!
lucky theresa got or else wo mati =x

bought a top from pepperPLUS
and a pink tube from ice lemon tea

saw jia tsuey working at the shop beside pretty in tokyo
now she look so mature
but she still cute lahs and tall -.=

siowmin bought a watch
theresa bought a present for pinky bdae

for almost the all day
i was screaming at in pain because of my back
keep finding place to sit

sit awhile then walk again
then sit again
we go CS then go TM
then go CS again then go TM again -.-

eat ramen for lunch
taste weird not quite nice but still suitable for eating
alot of vegetables,mushroom taste weird
1 word to describe WERID

because of me
theresa was tempted to eat the ramen
she ate chicken char siew ramen
only the meat taste nice

went around asking for 1day acuvue color
reserve the contact lens, getting it on thursday
reserve grey but gonna change to blue

after that jiu go shop shop
shop there shop here
shop dao no place to shop

theresa bought blank cds
after buying went to THIS FASHION

saw a skirt i wanted
going to buy that skirt on thursday too
that skirt make my butt qiao xD

where ever i go, i will find a place to sit
cos back damn freaking pian

went back home quite early
partly because of my backache ROAR!
took bus 22

a ger was talking loudly in the bus
really really damn loud lahs
worse still she is a girl

reach home jiu bath
bla bla bla
now jiu here blogging
blog finish le

bye =D

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