Friday, September 22, 2006

now toking to yiqinK0R on phone
toking to him abt alot thingys

MONDAY after schh went to TM walk walk
siowminNU'ER reserve the mickey top she wan
i oso wan to buy the mickey top
i bought wawa shoe white colour dde nice~

YTD siowminNU'ER and mie bought mickey top
she buy black de t-shirt i buy green de

after sch when waiting fer bus i saw rioma{duno if i spell his name wrong anot}
he now working at TAKASHIMAYA
nex tym can go there di siao him lols

den JAYTAN that zhu tou beat mie
so damn pain norhs ROAR!
den jiu reach hm actually should go ahma hse dde
but ahma not at hm so din go liao lo

duringg recess tym,i saw yiqinK0R dde mama
i tot yiqin got trouble den cher call his mama to come to sch
but in the end is not aunty came to schh to buy sch's pants

i pei aunty awhile after that jiu go back class
yiqinK0R dunch even noe aunty come to sch lols

now den i noe yiqiin got a uni.
got size 38 de soooooooo big norhs
OMG he so small size got soooo big de uniform

my com finally can use lerhs after 2 daes
suddenly can use lols crazie com
yiqin sae when my com sot, i oso go sot when my com not sot,
i not sot he then the sot wan =P

go eat my dinner lerhs

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