Saturday, September 23, 2006


todae in sch abit different
cos mdm natasha din come to schh
wakakakakas xD

english period went to lab D
review e compre then jiu play com

after that jiu recess
i eat fried rice and ice cream
chocolate and vanilla ^^

after recess ishh geog
geog all we did is copy copy copy
din really copy muchh =x

after geog ish maths yuks
i slept fer around 3/4 of the period
mr vinay keep on naging and naging everydae
todae oso the same damn noisy

after math is CME
they did the duno wad write 5 lines story
aaronTEACHER and mie din do
cos we was sleepingg all the way lols

the class was noisy
everyone was toking bery loudly
but i still manage to sleep hehes

during CME 2nd period e tym
303 got mr EE in the class
4 people got canningg which is
yiqinK0R guan leong wee sim and shafiq

yiqinK0R guan leong and wee sim tio 3 stroke
becos of they pon class
they dun hab skill dde pon class oso can caught
not like mie yea xDD

shafiq even worse than them
he throw paper at mr EE
den tio 1 stroke frm mr EE
his aiming became so laoya hahahas

after cme was SS
during SS i move my table to aaron's table
so that is easier to tok to him lols
we tok tok fer quite awhile

after that he take my wallet see see
then he took my coins my $1.80
i asked him to gib mie back my coins
he dunchh wan

den i sort of fight wibb him
he turned my left hand
then i use my right hand to scratch him

i tot is just normal scratch dao but is not
aaronTEACHER's face got red red de mark
omg i so chor lor lols

in the end aaron gave mie back 80cents nia
$1 fer his yi yao fei =D
at least i gave him yi yao fei lehh
and at least he din blame mie

but i still feel guilty larhs
make his face until like tat
so AARON SIM dun take my thingy again

den after that jiu go home lerhs
neber go eat lunchh
all sae wan go home den jiu go home norhs

reach home jiu bla bla bla
like tat like tat like tat lo

tmr i going to buy the mickey mouse de shorts

off to watch teebee
thenn go orhh orhh lerhs

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