Saturday, April 03, 2010


Im back from genting a few days back ago. isnt as fun as i thought it will be. those long bus rides. those "spoilt" machines in the theme park. small hotel room. insanely dirty air despite being above the clouds. the overcharged food/clothes. omgggg. but still, i managed to spend some good time with my sugarboy. although i accidently causes his toe nail to spilt.

i miss my girlfriends. :( after jessalyn start working, haven even meet her yet. damn you jess. find one saturday and we head out okay? as for selene, im meeting her next week. heh.

oh by the way, something which makes me happy! i bought a laptop, my very first laptop. hahah. im paying it all on my own alright!! its a steal seriously! having connections is good. a very very very good one for me. so much more better than my slow poke desktop. baby bought one too, waaaay more better than me. ohwell, i need a normal one will do. hahah. im getting my IT fair pay next monday!

gotta find a long term part time job. in order to pay for my laptop & my spending expenses. ohmyyyy. next target would be Iphone! daddy has friends working in singtel which means more exclusive discounts & freebies for me!

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