Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tomorrow is my baby's last major exam!!! happy for him & me. hahahah. going on a date after that. like finally. haven been going out on a date with him for ages. if he were to cancel on me again, i swear i wont forgive him. haha. shall go for another massage. shoulders aching.

Sunday - Flea market with jazzy & jessalyn! at helipad though. ohwell, for the sake of the clothes. why not.

yesterday, i had so much fun despite seeing jazzy for the first time! hahah. 2 of us disturb jessalyn like crazy. jazzy is super uber mega "hiao". totally cannot take it man. hahahha. i think i get along well more with crazy girls rather than normal girls. which is good. be myself in front of them.

lastly, this is soooo pretty!

I totally wouldn't mind having this on my body.

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