Friday, January 01, 2010


My 2010 resolutions

  • Get that 2.5k job or any kind of good pays job till april.
  • Get into a brand new course with nice classmates along with Jessalyn
  • Study hard & get smarter than now.
  • Change my temper/give in more. (for sake of sugarboy)
  • Lesser quarrels/arguments/etc.
  • BFF with Jessalyn will last.
  • Be less evil/harsh/direct/stubborn. (highly impossible)
  • Visit grandparents more.
  • Get along better with my mother.
  • Save More Spend lesser.
  • Neater Room.
  • Lappy.
  • Gucci Bag

Haven been updating for the past 10days. nothing much happened. let me recall what i did for the past few days. let's start on whatever days i can remember.

Xmas eve 24dec- spend my day with my sugarboy. Countdown in his house cause we got nowhere to go & just wanna have each other by our side.

Xmas 25dec- Went over to aunt's house for some housewarming cum xmas party. Then went over to sugarboy's Xmas ktv party at some high class country club till midnight.

Tuesday 29dec - Out with barney for some bike viewing & dinner. haven seen him for ages. He drove a car to fetch me instead of riding. a woah to me. lol. hear him rant about his love life currently. Dinner was gooooood, my craves for Astons for cured cause of him. such a nice brotheeer. & his birthday is coming in about 5days time. Went over to baby's house after that.

Wed 30dec - Went phuture to club with jessalyn, st, Ghim chi, Joel & his 2 friends. Too packed to have fun. Q was effing long. inside was packed like sardines. somebody farted in there which polluted the whole place. St went home first cause she's feeling unwell. went to the prata shop with ghimchi after that leaving the rest inside. Baby came to fetch me after that. went home early. No photos cause i cant find my camera. ended up its still on my table. -.- wtf.

New Year's Eve 31dec - slept all the way to 4pm with baby. Went to Marina barrage for work. Work was insanely boring. nothing to do. The party was a goner seriously. bet they lose money instead of earn. good thing is i earn $150 for do nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Things got screwed up after that. a long story. went over for breakfast and cabbed home. god damn tired even though we did nothing.

1st jan 2010 - slept till 9pm. Ate dinner. Packed my room. Computer got screwed. daddy is bringing it to see doctor tomorrow. it better get well soon. hahahah. i'm gonna do upload my photos. back up my stuff bla bla bla. hopefully 2010 will be a good year!


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