Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shall blog now while i got time. how i wish i have 48hours a day. -.- Work was totally mad. people dancing like insane. drunkards telling each other that they're sober. on friday, it rain & we had to rush all the stuff back down. at least sales was good. tips was awesome. hahhaha. plus i'm the door bitch during opening hours & closing hours. most slacking yet boring job in helipad ever. now standard already, i gotta to be the door bitch every friday & saturday before alex comes to take over.

For the past one week plus, i cant really remember what i did. let me recall what i can recall. Celebrated Gan's birthday. his camera was shit. cant take nice pictures. argh. My happy got lost, some assholes found it and doesnt want to return my happy. Went all the way down to sembawang to get it back with sugarboy, sister, and his friends. ended up, they return without saying anything. retards. School sucks. even work is better than school. but still, i got to do those projects in order to graduate.

tomorrow school again. geez. friday 31st! yay! hahahahah. after that, 6days to my birthday. happy happy happy. heh. got quite a number of photos to upload but im way too lazy to do it. im still so sleepy despite waking up late. i need to get more face masks & eye masks too. boo. im hitting the sheets. cannot take it anymoreeeee. omg.

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