Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween was fun despite working. dressed up as corpse bride. hahahah. Eve gotten the best dressed award. she really look awesome. reward was verve clique champagne. jealous! As for today, went to babysit Shanyu & zhengyu. had to sneak out in order to get back to sugarboy's home. felt like a criminal. hahah. they're cute though. Bought a corset unwillingly. ohwell, treat it as a birthday present for myself. since it look nice on me. Webcamed with jessalyn. had a lot of fun. hahahah. then went to fetch my sugarbaby. i was pouting all the way due to the unwillingness of the corset. sigh. spent a bomb on it! Had dinner & went back home. gotta go school tomorrow. boring.

Cant wait for my birthday. hahahah. bet i would be damn late for work. doesnt wanna work but quite a number of groups of friends coming over just to find me. if not, i wont be working for sure. Since Chris says its okay for me not to work on both days this week. Mum got me a diamond necklace which doesnt even looks like one. -.- its nice anyway. ahaha.


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