Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Im having a terrible time now. My stupid irritating nose just doesnt wanna stop sneezing. seems like im having fever too. omg. that idiotic barney & Zhongchou was so happy cause they're able to get 7days MC. they plan to visit me IF i really gotten that 7days MC. those idiotic guys. tsk.

school was bad, real bad during vivian's lesson. aircon was cold, lessons was boring. eyes was turning against me. luckily during mark lee's lesson, there's computers with internet! my life saver. ZC's LG phone sucks big time. tsk. Went Grandma's house for dinner. Aunty bought cheesecakes back. & food from Hokkaido fair. shiok shiok! cabbed home. cant wait for friday to arrive! movies, dinner treat by ZC! heh. & where's my supper, Bryan Barney Cedric Tan?

right now, after this im heading straight to bed if im gonna get nagged by ZC. hopefully i will recover tomorrow.

credits to YangEe's gf. (:

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