Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i bet others are still in their dreamland. esp yang ee, that hardcore sleeper. & maythida too. cause both of them haven text me yet. while the macho guys in gym i guess. haha. i want to sleep moreee but my sister's friends came & made a lot of noise.

met maythida at enous. trained down to vivo. met the others there. yongteck reach there first despite us leaving first. his dad fetch him there!! damn no heart yongteck, dont know how to ask us want to hitch a ride a not. saw sam's girlfriend & her friends. no topic to talk to them about, so forget it. dont mention about age gap too. his gf & friends went off first. great choice. haha. lepak at the rooftop all the way till night after some window shopping.

took photos. the guys was so dead, woke up early in the morning & went to sentosa. it's a good thing i didnt go. none of the girls wore bikinis, oh so not sad for the guys. or i shall say they dont even bother looking. HAHA. went back to tampines at around 8plus. had late dinner with YQ, Dion & maythida while others went home to sleeep. Dion accompanied me while waiting for my bus back home. i felt protected whenever im standing beside him. & HIS PHOTO SHOOT PHOTOS DAMN HANDSOME CAN. WALAOEH.

most of them uploaded here, everything uploaded in FB.


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