Sunday, April 19, 2009

saturday- sheesha with asyraf, bala & their friends, get to know 6 new friends. clicked quite well. talked a lot, sanj said ima very happening girl. lol. the girl was cute but just little shy. haha. FAFAFRUITELLA. (:
sunday - out with Asyraf. my virgin trips to 3places. it's was totally awesome although both of us were sweating like nobody's businesses. kept on talking non stop. updating each other with our lives. actions/words we did was the same. god, that wasn't planned at all. we practically ate a lot. took bus 65 home. it was a long ride home.

Baked cookies again, M&M & some weird cookies that girlfriend invented. think this time wont be as buttery as before. *cross fingers* dinner was very filling. an uncle randomly talked to jessalyn/us in bus when we were on our way back. i laughed all the way till we get down & even got tears in my eyes. hopefully there isnt any lessons on thursday. heh.


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