Friday, April 10, 2009

  • LA & friends came my house to cook at 2plus pm. mission failed.
  • get out of house around 5.30pm due to rain. cabbed to ECP, had a lot of detours.
  • BBQ, didnt really social with those people much. they seems unfriendly to me.
  • LA's classmates came, things got better. get to know 3 girls cause they talk to me first. better than nothing. people can't click well with girls right! tsk.
  • learn how to ride a bicycle after years again. thanks to Mr fukuan. (: owe you a treat.
  • BBQ ended at around 10plus pm. everyone went home which left 7 of us.
  • night riding from east coast to Changi village.
  • hit my left ankle due to the bike which is fucking pain. hit my right feet due to paddle. ankle swollen like pig leg currently.
  • i talked tons of random stuff, random to the extent that's beyond your imagination.
  • had drug addict conversation with jeev who called me nonya instead of joey. tsk
  • rest at one random shelter till 5plus am. asked an auntie to give us one mosquito coil.
  • planned to take cab back but no taxi uncles willing to drive us there.
  • saw mini lorry, i waved at the driver trying to make him stop. asked if he could drive us to east coast. he's unwilling at first but after that TADA. all of us & our bikes ended up in his lorry.
  • chatted with him. he's kinda fun to talk with. though i dont really remember what i said.
  • return the bikes. all of us went home at 7plus am.
  • bathed & slept all the way now. whole body aching like nobody's business, esp my butt.
  • & i think i lost weight. yay!
photos up soon. after all of them sent me those pictures. im gonna have my breakfast + lunch + dinner + yesterday's dinner + supper now. byebye. (:

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