Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'm in a dilemma. contradicting myself, am i? hmmmm.....
dont let the good one slips off my hands again.. cause once gone, forever gone.
learnt how to treasure, cherish, appreciate, never take things for granted & more.
1 lesson is more than enough. learnt too much in a go, way too much damage was caused.
thus, the fear is there. human's biggest foes. maybe it's time to face my foe & get over it asap.
having a 6th sense that's accurate most of the time sucks in a nice way.
well well, see how things goes about before making a decision that shakes the world. lol

btw, seems that MAN's brain are as small as a pea. hahaahah. Man die after mishap.
&&& my sec school got into one of the headlines in straits time/ internet. 2 girls smoking openly in secondary school uniform. tsk. that's why never smoke or dont smoke when you're underage/in uniform. how disgraceful. i doubt next year evss would get enough students for sec 1. uniform girls smoke openly

1st may - jay's birthday.

3rd may - derick's birthday.
8th may - fir's birthday.
17th may - girlfriend's birthday, DearDear's birthday.

seems that im going burn a lot of money again. no $$ lah can! tsk tsk tsk.
im going to bed.
till then, suckers. (:

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