Tuesday, April 14, 2009


stop nagging at me. nag more = get old faster, therefore dont nag! stay young & pretty. & give me more pocket money pleaaaase. :( it's not enough for a glutton like me.

Photos mostly updated. i had small eyes, didnt have enough sleep & indirectly made lene's eyes look bigger. saw a scene that made me feel utterly disgusted. ohgod. felt like the food i ate can throw up anytime. luckily, it didnt, or else waste my money buying those food. geez. met up with davin after school today, wanted to canceled it but davin pushed away his events cause of me. felt bad so met him up in the end. ate at Tampines 1. his treat, thanks brobro. heh.

went library. borrowed 2 books. i wont be bored during lessons anymore! for this week at least. haha. it's just 2 days of school & im totally broke. spent mostly on food. geez. bought an AX belt. dang~ okay, heading out soon to celebrate mum's birthday. &&& i can't wait to head out with ASYRAF, that handsome dude! the convo i had with him was omgz, seems like we still have the chemistry in us even after years. hah. and i have predict that im going to sleep early tonight.

ME: davin, did you redye your hair?
DAVIN: yup. *playing with his food*
ME: at aunty helen's there or?
ME: yourself?
DAVIN: my mum helped me D.I.Y.

if you dont get the joke, too bad for you then. haha.

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