Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bring back the rainbow to me.

Grandma's first death anniversary. woke up 6.30am!!!!! which happens once in a blue moon.
met up with vivian's family. took a mini bus to CCK. did prayers. hope that grandma would give me 4numbers! heh. hopefully she does. hah. went to bedok central for late breakfast. L.A made my day by sending one ultra cute text to my sister. that dumb ahbeng. played with magnifying glass which is meant for grandpa. vivian & her sister staying overnight at my home tonight. went home.

slept thru out the afternoon. saw a huge rainbow just outside my window. nice sunset without the sun. the sky was red in color. one word to describe: magnificent. everyone in the household start snapping. can't find my camo. took one with my screwed up phone. while others, my dad's phone. lol. shall post it when my dad sends it to me. seeeee! told you my house is goood! haha. wonder if there's lots of stars today. if have, i can bring my cousins down for star gazing. i bet they seldom see sky full of stars in their home.

going food faaaaaaair tomorrow with girlfriend & hanwei. im turning fat soon. it's diet timeeee joey! no zouk, no st james. joey have been a good girl these days. rewaaard anyone? :D

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