Wednesday, March 18, 2009

woke up supeeeer early today, unlike me. no school for today. heading out later. meeting L.A later cause he lost his wallet. gotta go ICA building, pasir ris to get his cards done. after that, might meeting girlfriend cause she wants to eat the korean BBQ located at T3. she die die want eat today. had class test yesterday, wasn't that bad. at least a pass i guess.

holidays are coming & i need a job. i have been spending money non stop. girlfriend & i even had Astons. had chargrill chicken instead of my usual prime steak due to the lack of money in my wallet. borrowed 2books from library. Anne Frank & Curious case of Benjamin button. have been indulging in books these days which is awesome. i'll already have the next 4books that im gonna borrow next! bringing my camo out later, haven been taking photos lately.

&&&&& I SAW SHOOTING STAR YESTERDAY NIGHT. envy me. saw it right outside my window, when im lying on my bed staring at the sky. my house is the best of all though it's just a HDB flat. but i swear it's much more better than those expensive houses.

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