Sunday, March 15, 2009


i know you'll love those presents i gave you. spent your 12am under my void deck with me & hanwei. made the 7/11 guy to say happy birthday to you. dumb aaaaaasss. bully me & my dog. thank me cause i woke up early just to accompany you for your poking session. lucky the studio isnt not bored at all or elseeee i think im gonna die there. to think that i waited for you for 4hours plus while the others waited for you for 7hours plus. this is insane. met girlfriend for movie at 4.50pm, "race to the witch mountain". the lead kid actor is soooo handsome. omg. angmohs.

THAAAAAAAAAT GOHFUKUAN SAYS THE REASON I DONT LOOK CHINESE CAUSE OF MY TEETH. i totally got dumbfounded by him. people says my eyes, he says my teeth. wtf. whatever. took bus home. coffee shop was full with guys guys guys due to the soccer match. liverpool & man u. tsk. i wont want my bf/husband to watch. boring. reached home at 2am. had a great time though i dont get their jokes, it's fucking cold.

fresh undone tattoo. lol. i dont like his tattoo but it's okay since it's isnt on my body. im kinda got tempted doing it. auntie uncle so friendly, funny. so does their cute dog. & he doesnt feel pain, still can talk, eat, laugh. maybe snow flake soon?

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