Saturday, December 06, 2008

Taken by ME!

I'm god damn exhausted. spare those details. im not going anywhere today. get to know 4 friends of gorilla. they are super friendly. one bunch of jokers. i like his gay partner,jiakang. he and i is almost the same man! lol. &&& jiakang's dog, DODO is super duper ultimate cute & hyper one lor! i dont know which kind of russell dog she is. definitely not jack russell terrier. either parson russell or russell terrier. lol. okay. whatever.

i know you read my blog. so i wanna tell you, happy 2 years anniversary joey ong weijian. i hope you didn't forget. no matter what, you still hold a place in my heart. my computer PW is still your name. those little pictures we had, i still haven delete it yet. hah. i haven been seeing you for like many months already, in face im missing you. geez. find one day and meet alright. hope you will get a girl way better than me, i know you can. (:

situation is getting worse. only gf and wishing know what's going on. boohoo. ): selene, if you wanna know what happened! call me.

pictures & that's it.
FYI: please dont kill me when you see your unglamorous picture, gorilla. =x i'll promise i take some nice shots of you next time. heh.

A happy Christmas?
Make me happy, will you?

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