Tuesday, December 09, 2008

maybe that girl is just not the type of girl for you.
maybe you have really fallen in love with the girl who doesn't know what's going on.
maybe that girl shouldn't have take the initiative to text you at that time.
maybe maybe maybe.

there's many mysteries in me. there's stuff that i don't wish to say. forcing me doesn't help. i would say when i feel like it's time.

you said you don't know how long you can hold on. you said you don't know what reason to hold on. as for me, i completely have no idea why am i holding on. sometimes i just feel like giving up, telling myself let it go. those harsh words, those face expressions, you never knew it was hurting me. perhaps i'm just waiting for you to say goodbye. should i cry as though there's no tomorrow? it doesn't help. somehow im avoiding it, i dont wish to face it, im treating as though we ain't have any problems.

i don't feel that happiness in me anymore.

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