Wednesday, December 03, 2008

late for exam today! studied wrong subject. ultimate blur. hah. deal some stuff with miss maggie. her character suddenly change which i totally got no idea why. girlfriend came my house & had maggi for lunch. pathetic us. girlfriend went to meet siewting around 7pm.

mum came back and started nagging and all. sister and i got irritated. watched 9pm show. it's uber nice! grandma told me that both of my grandma are peranakan. which is like so cool. hah. i kept asking her tons of questions. tomorrow having the last exam & then holiday till next year! woooooooooohoo~

heading to town to take my pay with gorilla & gf after exam tomorrow i guess? haven decide yet. im so broke these days. :( &&&&&& people read my blog but they just don't tag. geez.

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