Thursday, November 27, 2008

TODAY IS MY LUCKY DAY! out of 5guys, 3 of them are really really really very charming! all of them smile at me, when that something funny happened in the bus. OMG! i nearly faint due to their smiles. esp that guy. omg! omg! im glad that i didn't get down to change my bus. phewwww~

watch body of lies with asshole. i was basically complaining that im hungry. and i can't sit still. to make thing worse, asshole was ignoring me. first half of the movie was boring, at last the last part was not that bad. or else im gonna complain again. lol. asked him to watch chihuahua, he dont want! ate subway, had a nice talk as usual. asshole told about this girl. she's smart, too smart. guys dont like girls that are too smart. tsk tsk. anyway, she has already lost to me even before the start of the race. so it doesnt matter. nobody can take him away from me unless he's willing to go. the girl said she is backing off, wonder if it's true. hah. if it's not, i will ask her to fuck off & tell her he's mine right in front of her face. so what if she's waaay better than me etc, im still the winner after all. :D

took bus home. one bunch of guys asked me to be their friends at my house void deck. that's dumb, seriously dumb. jessalyn tan tempted me to buy stuff again! that girl, i hate her for tempting me for much man! argggggggggh! okay whatever, im going to sleep. having lessons at 9am tomorrow.

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